A great city for a great state

We are a group of local business and community leaders who want to see Jackson thrive. We want to be a force multiplier for people and organizations with this same hope for Jackson to work together to make these dreams a reality.

With positive change as a common goal, our job is to help identify resources for these missions and work together to make great things happen. Please scroll down to see how we’re supporting efforts to help Jackson grow as a Great City.

Believing in Jackson

Real progress begins with honest appreciation of the past, hopeful preparation in the present, and humble progress toward shared vision and goals. Great City is committed to the future of Jackson, Mississippi.


Real progress begins with the end in mind through collaboration and community engagement. Here are a few big, achievable goals from community members. This demonstrates the potential our city has to offer and represents only a fraction of projects and goals for this city. There are many more. We hope this is the start of a conversation about what Jackson could be!

Areas of focus


By building and improving public trails, parks, and greenway systems, we work toward better quality of life and public safety for Mississippi’s capital city.


By enhancing roadways and addressing water supply and flood concerns, we establish a better foundation for our city.


By cultivating vision for our economy and the future of our workforce, we can strengthen our city and grow our universities.

GCF News

Why does Mississippi need the Great City MS Foundation?

Our vision for a Great City prioritizes the growth of the Jackson metro area’s economy by building a trail system, improving education and tourism resources, and implementing new infrastructure projects. Building a better foundation will pave the way for economic and workforce development as well as training opportunities to keep young professionals engaged and active in our state. Great City Mississippi Foundation connects the metro area’s community-led efforts to better utilize resources and make a difference.